1. Design

Being recognized in the market is of vital importance in any business. Also, healthcare markets set a very high standard for products. This is why Creanova starts with a careful study and analysis of the application and environment where the products are used. During this phase, the end users and ultimately the patient’s needs are taken into account, to ensure the concepts will have the right mix of emotional design, functionality, innovation, feasibility and cost effectiveness. And, where desired, this can help to create or reinforce an already existing Visual Brand Language (‘Family Feeling’).

Working with Creanova in the Design phase of its projects, clients experience a close sense of teamwork with Creanova’s designers and engineers and their many innovative contributions.

2. Engineering

In this phase the design concept gets transformed into a feasible product, ready to go into production. Creanova’s expertise in engineering custom plastic and metal injection molded parts enables to ‘conserve’ the concept design, while respecting the manufacturing limitations and optimizing tooling investments.

The creation of a new part engineered with 3D modelers and optimized with mold flow where necessary, is carried out in close collaboration with Creanova’s mold designers to ensure a smooth and cost effective production implementation.

3. Prototyping

The realization of a prototype makes it possible to verify all aesthetic and functional aspects of the product in order to gain feedback from the market, before making important investments in tooling for the production of its client’s product.

Creanova offers a prototyping service, relying on a variety of technologies such as CNC milling, SLA/SLS and FDM which enables producing the optimal prototypes for assembly and mechanical validation as well as for product presentations at trade fairs and photo shoots.

4. Mold Making

Creanova is specialized in mold construction for:

Injection Molding of plastic parts
Die Casting of aluminum parts
Glass fiber

Before the actual mold construction (ca. 100 molds / year), all requirements are taken into account to determine the correct number of cavities, mold construction material and if necessary a mold flow analysis is done to ensure the part quality and cost effectiveness in production.

5. Production

Creanova offers a multi-geographic production service, specialized in the production of aesthetical parts, also in UL94-V0 certified material and in white color.

Depending on the applied production technology, Creanova’s service also includes any second process such as painting, reworking, pad printing/serigraphy, pre-assembly and packaging. Finally, before shipping, Creanova’s quality control staff ensures the parts adhere to required specifications.

6. Assembly

Ultimately, the production solution involves the final assembly of complete products and/or subassemblies. Creanova’s experience and globally based resources can bring various flexible solutions to its client partners. These approaches may be explored and proposed to meet its partners’ needs.

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